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As you can imagine, I am frequently contacted by people all over America who are being harassed and impoverished by the unlawful and corrupt actions of the IRS, DoJ and the Courts.

One such American is Russ McAdams, who lives in California. To date, Russ’ Social Security checks have been garnished by more than $12,000.00 as a result of an IRS Notice of Levy. Although he has pleaded with the Social Security Administration for relief, he has gotten none. Their only response has been “Take it up with the IRS.” Read the rest of this entry »


April 5, 2018 – Amended Order of Permanent Injunction

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In my March 14, 2018 blog, I described the events of March 1st, when Michael Ellis and I appeared before Judge Christopher R. Cooper, in Washington, D.C., to show cause why we should NOT be held in contempt for allegedly violating his April 19, 2017 “Order of Permanent Injunction” against us.  At the end of that hearing, Judge Cooper chose NOT to hold us in contempt. Read the rest of this entry »