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January 9, 2019 This Website Will Be Down for Awhile

   Posted by: BobMcNeil    in IRS

I anticipate an active 2019 as we continue our battle against the IRS income tax record falsification fraud and the Department of Justice/Judicial Branch corruption to conceal and perpetuate it. With each new filing, the government reveals another page of its playbook and this website exists to lay it bare for all to see.

As of this moment, the following lawsuits remain in various stages of prosecution:

16-2313 Ellis-McNeil v. Judiciary
17-00022 Stanley, et al v. Lynch, et al
17-1720 McNeil, et al v. Harvey, et al
17-2602 McNeil, et al v. Brown
17-00187 USA v. Melba Ford
18-1746 Stanley, et al v. Duff & Walter

It is a provable fact that numerous Federal judges have colluded with DoJ attorneys to dismiss our cases for lack of subject matter jurisdiction (citing the 1867 Anti-Injunction Act). In every case, we have countered with Rule 59 Motions to Alter/Amend the judgments, pointing out the blatant ethical violations (falsifying our complaint allegations to justify dismissal). Many of those motions have not been ruled upon for months. Some have been dormant since July of 2018.

Justice Delayed is Justice Denied!

To spur action, we anticipate filing a number of new lawsuits in the near future.

Please stay tuned.

On another note, I have decided to update this website with a new template, a new format, and ditch my expensive server, requiring me to update hundreds of links, as a result.  I will be revamping the site myself and suspect this will take about one month to complete, depending on how much information I decide to migrate and/or write from scratch.

In any case, this will be my last blog for awhile, but, I will post a new one when this task is complete.

Thank you all for your continued interest and support.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil