Belly of the Beast pt. 2

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I walked back into the belly of the Beast today when I met with Roger Caris, IRS Revenue Officer, at 10:00am in the IRS’ office, located at 8701 S. Gessner, in Houston, Texas.

I had contacted him by telephone earlier in the week to notify him that I intended to make an audio recording of the meeting, as provided for in Title 26, Subtitle F, Chapter 77, Section 7521 of the U.S. Code.

Here’s the link to the code:

When I arrived at the building, I went to the reception area on the first floor and took a seat. In just a few minutes, Mr. Caris entered the room, called my name, and led me to a private meeting room, approximately 10’ x 10’ in size, containing a round table with four chairs…. and nothing else.

We took out our audio recording devices, placed them on the table, turned them on, and began the meeting.

After a brief introduction, he asked me if I had brought the documents requested in the Summons. I responded by saying that I did bring certain documents, but that I had a few questions about the Summons first.

I continued by saying that “The Summons states that the information sought is related to the collection of a tax liability.” I then asked him the following questions:

“Mr. Caris, which internal revenue tax does the IRS claim that I have a liability for?”

His response was…. the 1040 Form.

“What Title, Subtitle, Chapter, and Subchapter of United States Code requires me to file an income tax return?”

His response was… I don’t know.

“What Title, Subtitle, Chapter, and Subchapter of United States Code do you claim gives you the authority to issue this summons?”

His response was…… Section 7602, but that we were not going to discuss that in detail.

The meeting continued with his asking me a number of questions about my income (I have no income subject to any Federal income tax law), my monthly expenses (I have no reason to keep any records), and my assets (I have none).

Not getting the answers he was looking for, he declared the meeting over. I handed him my 35 page response to the Summons and left.

The entire meeting lasted less than 8 minutes.

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No direct un-apportioned tax confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court rulings.

Knowledge is power. Educate yourselves.

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