Constructive Notice of Fraud

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One of the most powerful legal tools available is “Constructive Notice”.

Constructive Notice: Notice arising by presumption of law from the existence of facts and circumstances that a party had a duty to take notice of… notice presumed by law to have been acquired by a person and thus imputed to that person. (Black’s Law Dictionary, Seventh Edition)

Constructive Notice serves to inform a party of the existence of facts and circumstances that a party had duty to take notice of. It also serves to deny the informed party the defense that he/she had no knowledge of the facts and circumstances relevant to the issues at hand.

Since the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice have ignored the appropriate citations from the United States Constitution, the numerous Supreme Court rulings, citations from the relevant sections of the Internal Revenue Code and the Code of Federal Regulations, and other information I have provided in my defense, I drafted a document entitled “Constructive Notice of Fraud” and mailed it to both parties today via Certified Mail.

That document requires Roger Caris and R. Scott Shieldes to admit to or deny 26 items of law and fact within 10 days or be considered in default of the notice. If no response is received within that time period, I will file the Notice in the public record, along with an affidavit that the Department of Justice and the Internal Revenue Service have not responded and thus defaulted. Such default will be construed as legal evidence of fraud.

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074 RAM Constructive Notice of Fraud to DOJ and IRS

No direct un-apportioned tax confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court rulings.

Knowledge is power. Educate yourselves.

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