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I received this message from Chuck Conces, Chairman of the Lawmen Committee for the Public Interest, a tax honesty group centered in Battle Creek, Michigan.

Posted by: Chuck Conces [email protected]

Fri Sept 21, 2007 10:21 am (PST)

Dear Lawmen and Others: I wish to explain a few things to our groups. Please bear with me.

Some of our membership has lapsed back into the goofy arguments and added one or two more! Let me cover a few.

1) The 14th Amendment made us slaves and created a new class of citizen. That false argument is based on an assumption that the 14th Amendment only applied to the freed slaves. If you do a little reading, you will find a number of great decision by the Supreme Court on the 14th Amendment.

2) A new bogus argument is that the federal government only has jurisdiction over territory that has been ceded to it by the states and over the 12 square miles. This was gleaned from a paragraph in the Constitution. However, the very next paragraph states that in addition to the territorial jurisdiction, the feds have jurisdiction to collect taxes. That is not territorial. I believe that there are people who are deliberately and maliciously promoting that false notion in order to provide more food for the wolves (IRS).

3) Now there is a new one. “Political Jurisdiction” is now somehow supposed to be another magic bullet to prevent the feds from exercising jurisdiction over a person. That is total and utter nonsense. The feds know about all these goofy arguments and they focus on people that buy into them. They are an easy “mark” as they say.

Where does this nonsense end?

Right here.

If you feel that you are safe from government abuse by using these arguments, then leave the Lawmen and don’t dirty up our reputation.

When I was in jail for 7 weeks, I relayed the thought to everyone not to panic. Some people panicked in a big way. They didn’t read my appeal and don’t really believe that we have rights in court. I had set out to prove them wrong.

So just what did I accomplish?

First, I proved that the DOJ attorneys lied in the Complaint and in the Amended Complaint when they said they had obtained authorization for the civil suit as required by 26 USC 7401 – 7408. I further proved that the Secretary had not delegated ANYONE in the IRS to authorize the commencement of a civil suit. That is fraud and lawyers not only can loose their licenses, but be prosecuted for criminal fraud. That in itself, would have been a nice accomplishment.

Second, the DOJ attorneys were forced to answer the question of whether any of those Supreme Court rulings were overturned or reversed. They would never answer that question out of court and now they had to do so. Their answer was that a “Tax Court” case and two unpublished decisions had overturned all the settled case law I was relying on. Wow! And did Judge Quist believe them? You bet he did. They all agreed that the Supreme Court precedence law had been overturned by the Tax Court, which is an administrative, not a judicial court. That proved to be their second downfall. These two things alone were reason enough for the DOJ appeals attorney to notify the Appeals Court that they would not oppose my filing.

So, now we have many allegations against the DOJ attorneys and Judge Quist, and the Appellant Division is not going to even deny that fraud was committed by their District Court lawyers. Does this mean that those lawyers are swinging in the wind? I think so.

I hope that I will have the opportunity to cover so many aspects of the trial and the illegal incarceration for 7 seven weeks. Until then you all can get a copy of my Appeal by emailing me.Was it a tough experience? Sure. My wife was the one who I was most worried about. Did I win? Did the Judges lose? Were two corrupt DOJ attorneys fired quietly? It sure does look like it. Was it worth it? To me it surely was!

And by the way, I didn’t go through all of that so I could see our organization disintegrate into stupidity!

Chuck Conces

No direct un-apportioned tax confirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court rulings.

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself.

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