Bob Natalie Arceneaux invited me to participate in a second 30-minute telephone interview on her radio show “The Civil Right” on Houston Talk 650 AM.

The interview began at 10:15am on Saturday, May 21st and included a lively discussion of a variety of topics, including:

  • What life is like as a patriot in the Tax Honesty movement;
  • The challenges of a qualified, but little-known, candidate running for President of the United States, first in 2008, and again in 2012;
  • The game-changing economic plan that brings about the 21st Century American Revolution, restoring freedom to ALL American citizens;
  • The formation of the American Citizen Party in 2009 as the new home for free-thinking, freedom-loving Americans;
  • The plan to recruit American Citizen Party candidates to run for public office to restore true citizen representation to all levels of government;
  • My vision of the unprecedented freedom and prosperity that ALL Americans will experience after the six-year plan is fully implemented.

Here is the link to the audio recording of the interview:

Click the audio control below the text:  “Second Talk Radio interview on Talk Houston 650 AM with Natalie Arceneaux – May 21, 2011”

Thank you, Natalie, for this second opportunity to speak to your audience.

You can listen to Natalie’s show every Saturday morning on the radio at 10:00am on Houston Talk 650 AM or online at

You can also listen to the audio from my first two interviews on the audio file link, as well.  Just click on the audio control below the followng text:

“First Talk Radio interview on Talk Houston 650 AM with Natalie Arceneaux – April 16, 2011”

“Talk Radio Interview with the Radio Rejects on WTAN 1340 AM Florida – April 15, 2011”

I look forward to other opportunities to present my vision for 21st century America.

Stay tuned.

In freedom,

Bob McNeil
2012 Presidential Candidate
Founder – American Citizen Party
I.R.S. Nemesis

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