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Bob Lindsey Springer sends another update from his prison cell in Big Spring, Texas.  Here, he discusses the 10th Amendment; his Petition to the Supreme Court; the Paperwork Reduction Act; IRS District Directors; internal revenue districts, and other items.

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From: Lindsey Springer [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2012 11:36 PM
To: Lindsey Springer
Subject: Dear Congress, what law created the IRS?

Lindsey Springer here thanking each of you for continuing to care about the rule of law.  I know it seems the Federal Government refuses to honor the law and it is for that reason People make their objections.  I have dealt with the same range of emotion some of you have written me about and the more I zoom in on my relationship with God the more I am inspired to stand firm.

There is some good news.  States are fighting for their retained power against the Affordable Health Care Act of 2010 (26 States)(a majority), immigration within their borders; and the chemical case pending in Bond v. U.S. at the 3rd Circuit after remand from a 9 to 0 Supreme Court reversing all lower Courts, shows States and the Citizens therein are fighting over what power to regulate and prohibit was “surrendered” to the United States, and what Powers were retained by and for States only.

There is no “shared” or “joint” power surrendered to the United States and simultaneously withheld and retained by the 50 States.  If both the States and the United States prohibit the exact same conduct within the boundaries of any State, one or the other is acting in an unconstitutional manner.  Read the Tenth Amendment.

My lost December 22, 2011, civil Petition to the Supreme Court was sent back to them by permission on February 6, 2012, and lost again by the Prison.  Yesterday, they reported they found it and sent it out on the 15th so it should be there by now. For those who have helped me in that case THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

My criminal petition was due February 26, 2012, and Justice Sonya Sotomayor has extended that time period until April 26, 2012.  In both cases I zoomed in on the impact no internal revenue districts or district directors have on the tax imposed and enforcement rules and regulations.  The two most shocking issues center around the requirement to “file” a tax return and the Paperwork Reduction Act.

To avoid 26 U.S.C. section 6091(b), the Tenth Circuit switched the indictment to section 6091(a) on appeal, holding the requirement to “file” a “tax return” is according to 26 CFR section 1.6091-2(2005).  Because the version for 2000 through 2004 directed internal revenue districts and district directors as the place mandated to file, which the Panel held no longer exists and leaving off “(2005)”, they turned to regulations to affirm convictions that were brought on section 6091(b).

When they turned to the Paperwork Reduction Act violations I claimed they held the requirement to “file” a “tax return” is required by section 6012 and 7203 and is “divorced” from Form 1040.  Section 6012 never mentions “file” and section 7203 only mentions it in the name of the section but not the body.

The Courts for decades held filing requirement is directed at section 6091(b) which used the word “file.”  With so many being brought into this fight due to the health care requirement making criminals out of those who do not enter into a health care contract, all will need to understand the tax return trap.

If they tell on themselves by Stating they did not have insurance that admission results in a penalty that if goes unpaid turns into a crime.

If they do not “file” well we know where that leads.

If they “file” and write “fifth amendment” that will certain send a link in a chain necessary to convict.

The Supreme Court decisions on similar tax schemes by the United States warranted silence as the best answer.  It is interesting the Tenth Circuit held the requirement to “file” is divorced from Form 1040 but then what information would you provide or questions would you answer and how would you calculate what you owe.  What about health insurance.  The Fifth Amendment was enacted for just such Government conduct.

I have other issues raised and will share more in future emails.  For now, just know everyone is trying to save our nation.  Some are resorting to tyranny as they see that as the only way to protect themselves from the unconstitutional decisions they have made.  Some wish to keep doing the same thing while others realize the error in that thinking.

Once we have rid ourselves of the regulatory created agency of the Secretary of the Treasury named IRS, and its lawlessness, God willing, our nation can get back to being by the people and for the people.  I believe even a movement to seek Congress to make the IRS an actual Federal Agency it is responsible for like the FBI, CIR, DOJ, SOTT, Department of Treasury, and the like, would heap so much attention on Congress to admit this thing called the IRS, with so much tyrannical power, must be stopped.

Since health care is so huge an issue and the IRS is being used to “enforce” it, if you have not done anything in a while, why not start a movement to ask your Congressman or Congresswoman where did Congress create the IRS?  It is a simple question and one you think would readily be answered like the FBI or CIA or other Agencies created by Congress.  When you see there is only one answer coming from Congress maybe that will make many stop and go hmmmmm!

I have been for the last several months attempting to raise a few thousand dollars and am almost at half the goal.  Any help you are inspired to give is greatly and most wonderfully appreciated and needed.

God Bless you, and thank you for caring about our land.

Lindsey Springer.

P.S. Thank you for all your letters and cards as they inspire me and give me hope.


Thank you so much for the support you have given us so far.  I pray that you are rewarded for your generosity, both in this life and the next.


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In freedom,

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No direct un-apportioned tax confirmed by the US Supreme Court rulings in

CHAS. C. STEWARD MACH. CO. v. DAVIS, 301 U.S. 548, 581-582(1937)

Knowledge is power.  Educate yourselves.

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