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Bob Sherry Peel Jackson, CPA, CFE, and former IRS Agent, was thrust into the national spotlight for taking a stand against government theft.  On October 30, 2007, a jury found her guilty of four (4) counts of the misdemeanor charge of willful failure to file income tax returns.

On February 14, 2008, she was sentenced to four (4) years in federal prison even though the sentencing guidelines gave a sentence of 27-33 months.  The prosecution asked for and was granted an “upward departure”.

She has now served her sentence and is back home with her family in Georgia and is beginning a new life.  For details of her ordeal, click here.

While in prison, she wrote six (6) books, four (4) of which are now published and available for purchase on her website and on Facebook.

I bought the 3-book set (includes a free 4th book) for $50.00 and look forward to receiving and reading them.

This is an opportunity to support a fellow member of the Tax Honesty Movement and also learn what life is like in prison.  This is something none of us wants to experience, but, know in our hearts that, with the fraud and corruption inherent in the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Justice, and the Courts, it is a very real possibility.

Please support Sherry by buying her books and spreading the word through your email lists and social media sites.

In freedom,

Bob McNeil
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Larry Austin

Hello, her problem with the Feds was avoidable.Please review The US Codes Title 1-4called Organic laws -new addiition 2012. The IRS is an agency for collection out of PR. Not knowing her position when it ccomes to Voter
registration, limits my opinion. But education about the US CONSTITUTION will open a door to the understanding that the US of A owns territory in America called the United States a corporation. That Constitution only applies to citizens who reside and vote and recieve funds connected. The 16th, A says it all AN EXCISE TAX and that again is written law based on the Const. PERIOD and only dictates all government powers to any on it’s territory the
US. Tell the Lady and do the research and confirm. Any questions just ask.

July 6th, 2012 at 10:27 am

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