On April 11, 2016, I filed the following document with the District Court of the United States for the District of Columbia:


See Document 013 at the following link: (12 pages 2.4mb)


The Motion begins with this paragraph:

“The issues of this case have nationwide importance.  The Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Justice enforce the so-called “income tax” on a wide-range of Americans engaged in occupations of common right, by falsifying IRS records, and knowingly using falsified records to justify extra-judicial and judicial actions.  Specifically, the case reveals the collusion among Government lawyers at the very highest levels of the IRS and DoJ to violate the protected rights of the Americans who do not voluntarily create their own income tax liability by swearing out “1040” returns.  Congress proscribed conspiracies against rights at 18 USC §241, the IRS falsification of federal records at 18 USC §1001, and the collusion by IRS and DoJ to conceal the underlying crimes at 18 USC §4, (misprision of felony)”.

Further, it states “Accordingly, Plaintiff respectfully moves the Court to certify his case, and those already filed by the other Representatives, and consolidate them into a Rule 23(b)(2) Class Action.  And, in light of the reasonable fear articulated by every attorney they’ve approached as possible Class counsel, (that a vindictive IRS will retaliate by repeatedly auditing the attorney’s practice to damage him financially, professionally and personally), Plaintiff moves the Court to appoint “independent/special counsel” of unquestionable integrity to prosecute the case on behalf of the Class.”

In this Motion, I specifically move the Court to:

  1. Certify a Rule 23(b)(2) Class;
  2. Appoint, with the initial written consent and ongoing approval of the four original co-Class Representatives, (Messrs. McNeil, DePolo, Dwaileebe, and Ellis), independent special counsel of unquestionable integrity and experience to prosecute the case against the institutional and the named individual defendants identified in the cases already filed;
  3. Consolidate all cases into a single forum before a district judge with broad expertise in large-scale class actions;
  4. Order the Government to provide appropriate funding as necessary to ensure full discovery and complete class representation.

Please read and understand the implications of this “Motion to Certify a Rule 23(b)(2) Class…”.  It only takes 3 people, suffering the same harm, to certify a class.  You and I know there are hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of so-called “non-filers” who have had their wages garnished, liens and levies filed against them, property seized, and have been indicted, prosecuted, convicted, sentenced, and imprisoned, as a result of the IMF/SFR record falsification scheme we have exposed.

Are you one of them?

Do you know someone who has?

If so, I would encourage everyone to join the class-action lawsuit whenever it is certified.

Like two ships passing in the night, two documents passed each other in the U.S. Mail.

The first was this Motion (Document 013), dated April 11, 2016, which was sent to Washington, D.C.

The second was District Court Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly’s April 12, 2016 “Order”, sent from Washington, D.C., dismissing my case.  I’ll post details in my next blog.  I believe you’ll find her 11-page “Order” an interesting read.

It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Stay tuned…… and please spread this blog far and wide.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil
21st Century American Revolutionary
Founder/President – American Citizen Party

Bob McNeil For President -150 x 147

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