The moment many of you have been waiting for has finally arrived.

Michael and I finalized the Rule 20 Motion for Permissive Joinder, which will allow you to join case number 17-CV-00022 Stanley, et al. v. Lynch, et al. as a Co-Plaintiff.

In this case, we/you are suing John Koskinen, IRS Commissioner, Loretta Lynch, U.S. Attorney General, and Barack H. Obama, in personal capacity, for 1) falsifying federal records, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §1001; 2) misprision of felony, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §4; 3) conspiracy to defraud the United States, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §371; and, obstruction of the due administration of justice, in violation of 18 U.S.C. §1503.

The first four (4) paragraphs of that case read, as follows:


“Defendant Koskinen is leading, under Defendant Obama’s oversight and with Defendant Lynch’s full knowledge and protection, a Government record falsification program like none in the history of the United States.

Victims of the program have filed multiple lawsuits complaining that despite IRS concessions it has no actual authority to compel filing of income tax returns, IRS conceals that lack of authority when dealing with those it labels “non-filers” by fabricating layered government records to reflect IRS’ pretended preparation of “substitute income tax returns” (“SFRs”). But victims have discovered no such thing exists.

Your Plaintiffs present herein irrefutable Government-supplied proof that Mr. Koskinen’s associates are systematically falsifying records to enforce the income tax, that Ms. Lynch and her associates are knowingly using IRS-falsified documents to justify forfeitures and criminal prosecutions, and that she is concealing evidence of the scheme’s existence from grand jurors, whose primary function is to protect Americans from crimes committed by our Government.

Moreover, during the past four years under Defendant Obama’s oversight, his direct subordinate Lynch has authorized commission of repeated acts of misprision during civil litigation by victims in U.S. Courts, to prevent adjudication of their victims’ cases seeking to terminate the IRS program, and she is now attacking those who respectfully seek judicial redress from the scheme.”


The opening paragraph of the Rule 20 Motion reads:

“By its plain language, Rule 20 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure permits permissive joinder of parties in cases when multiple victims’ claims arise out of the same events and involve the same legal questions. The Rule encourages the consolidation of lawsuits because it reduces the court’s workload and expedites the adjudication of rights. It also seeks to avoid inconsistent judgments for lawsuits resulting from the same injury. Consolidating cases that are based on similar facts, parties or circumstances helps to accomplish all three goals.”

For those of you wishing to join this case, I have uploaded all the necessary files to a Dropbox folder for your convenience.

The first step is to download and open the INSTRUCTIONS, which can be found at this link:

The instructions contain links to these three (3) documents that you will need to complete, print, and mail to the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia and the Defendants, as instructed:

1. Cover letter to the U.S. District Court Clerk, Angela Caesar
2. Standard Rule 20 Motion for Permissive Joinder
3. McNeil Declaration – IRS’ Institutionalized Record Falsification Program

Follow the instructions carefully to ensure a successful filing.

We want as many Americans as possible to join the case and restore the Rule of Law to our Nation, so, please spread the word to all of your social media outlets.


I would like to thank all of you who have so graciously donated money to restore the rule of law in America.  I appreciate your generosity very much.

We continue, however, to file documents and incur the paper, printing and mailing costs related to the maintenance of fourteen (14) ongoing cases. Six (6) of these will be going to the U.S. Court of Appeals soon.

As of January 20, 2017, the cumulative deficit stands at <$1,397.74>, which depletes my meager monthly retirement revenues and adds to my credit card debt.

So, I continue to humbly ask each of you to search your heart, and pocketbook, and make a monetary donation to the cause of liberty.  No amount is too small or great, and will be appreciated more than you know.

If you are so moved, please contact me here for instructions.

Also, here is a link to the Excel spreadsheet detailing the 2016 balance carried over plus the expenditures incurred from January 1 thru January 20, 2017:

For Michael and me, this is a labor of love and we do not charge one penny for our assistance, but, time is an irreplaceable asset and our knowledge and experience provides value to the Plaintiffs, and, if they prevail in the Courts, will provide liberty and prosperity to ALL Americans at the level our ancestors enjoyed.


“We the People” will never be truly free until both the corporate and individual income taxes are eliminated and the 16th Amendment to the Constitution is repealed.  My case, and the others, clear the way for those events to happen.

Should we prevail, it will mean the end of the suffering experienced by millions of so-called “non-filers” at the hands of the IRS.  It will also mean the door is open for millions of Americans to participate, without fear of harm, in the coming “21st Century American Revolution“, which is a good, old-fashioned tax revolt.

We are the rightful masters of ALL levels of government, and we can put this out-of-control Federal government back into its Constitutional box by simply defunding it and, in the process, creating a smaller, more efficient government built on the solid, everlasting foundation of the Constitution, sound accounting principles, and economic law.

Please continue to educate yourselves about the fraud being committed every day by the IRS, Department of Justice, and the Courts in the enforcement of the income tax, and spread this website to all of your social media outlets.

Do it so you, your family, and future generations of Americans can begin to live at the level of liberty and prosperity the Founding Fathers intended.

Thank you.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil
21st Century American Revolutionary
Founder/President – American Citizen Party

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Larreta Landon

May I strongly suggest all this information get shared with President Trump if it hasn’t already been.

February 15th, 2017 at 9:51 am


Thank you for your suggestion.

I plan to send this information to both President Trump and Attorney General Sessions in the next few days.

Warmest regards.

February 16th, 2017 at 5:47 pm

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