With God leading the way, I, Michael Ellis and all the courageous Co-Plaintiffs in our cases continue to fight back against the IRS’ record falsification scheme, the multiple Department of Justice attorneys who falsify the allegations and relief we seek in our lawsuits, and the Federal judges who dismiss our cases based on the DoJ’s falsified documents.

With each DoJ motion and pleading, and each Order issued by the judges, it becomes clearer that these government officials are willing to blatantly commit multiple felonies to ensure the scheme lives in perpetuity. It is also clear they believe they are above the law.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

With the level of corruption and collusion we’ve uncovered, it appears that this battle must be fought on two fronts – legal and political.

Let us never forget that the progressive income tax was imposed in 1913 by the members of Congress, and the President, in power at that time.

More than 100 years later, “We the People” continue to be enslaved by this unfair, complex and corrupt tax system that robs us of our wealth, threatens us with levies, liens, fines, property seizures and imprisonment, and deprives us of our God-given right to live our lives at the level of liberty and happiness intended by the Founding Fathers.

Let us also never forget that we live under these conditions because the members of Congress and our President, currently in power, refuse to repeal this unjust law, return to the original taxing methods still alive and well in the Constitution today, and set us free from this tyranny.

So, until “We the People” use the power of our votes to remove the current politicians from office and replace them with true, citizen Representatives and Senators, and also elect a President who will sign the repeal legislation they will pass, we, our children, and our children’s children will continue to live under the tyranny and corruption we have identified in our lawsuits.

The 2018 elections present the next opportunity to bring about that dramatic change, and I’m stepping into the fray.

My 2018 Candidacy for U.S. Senator from Texas

I have decided to run for public office in 2018 as the American Citizen Party candidate for U.S. Senator from Texas. Ted Cruz currently holds that office.

As a two-time Presidential candidate, in 2008 and 2016, my primary issue was then, and will be now, the repeal of both the corporate and individual income tax. I have already written the 6-page Economic Freedom Act which will accomplish that, as well as repeal the capital gains tax, estate tax, gift tax, and all the other taxes that have stolen our wealth from us over the last 100+ years and continue to do so today.

I invite you visit my website and learn all about who I am on my “BIO” and “LIFE OF BOB” pages. In addition, you can read my positions on the “ISSUES” page. There is also a “BLOG” page where I have written an introductory blog and will publish more in the future. You will also find an “EVENTS” page where you can find out where I will be appearing and speaking, a “CONTACT” page if you want to send me a message, and a “DONATE” page where you can contribute money to my campaign (currently under construction). Finally, I would like for all of you to “SUBSCRIBE” with your name and email address to stay informed as my campaign moves forward.

My immediate need is this: I need to create and register a non-profit corporation with the Texas Secretary of State. This entity, to be called “Friends of Bob McNeil”, will be responsible for receiving campaign donations and paying the campaign expenses, i.e., staff, office rental, venue rental, travel, meals, signs, t-shirts, pins, ball caps, advertising, and all other ordinary and necessary expenses associated with a political campaign.

Forming a non-profit corporation here in Texas requires at least three (3) Directors to serve on the Board of Directors. As the candidate, I cannot serve on the Board, so, if you have a desire to play an important part in restoring liberty and prosperity to ALL Texans, and ALL Americans, please send me a message on the “CONTACT” page.

NOTE: You do NOT have to be a resident of Texas to serve as a Director.

Donations to RAM-v-IRS

I would like to thank all of you who have responded to my request for donations to restore the rule of law in America.  Since my last blog, I have received donations from supporters in Wyoming, Ohio, Missouri, Texas, Arkansas, California and Washington state. Please know that I appreciate every one of you who have donated and thank you very much for your generosity.

For the period January 1 thru September 13, 2017, I have received donations totaling $5,782.61, but spent $6,233.32, leaving a current deficit of <$450.71>.

Here is the link to a PDF version of the Excel spreadsheet detailing the donations and expenditures as of September 13, 2017.

Of course, there are always more documents to write, print and mail, so, I continue to humbly ask each of you to search your heart, and pocketbook, and make a monetary donation to the cause of liberty.  No amount is too small or great, and will be appreciated more than you know.

If you are so moved, please contact me here for instructions.


As I continue to mention, it is important for every American to understand that most of the loss of liberty we are experiencing began with laws passed by Congress over the last 100 years, and are being perpetuated today by the very people we elected to represent our interests, but who are failing to do so.

The Internal Revenue Code is so voluminous and complex that few Americans actually know what is in it, or, more importantly, when they are violating a provision of it.  This provides the ideal environment for tyranny and oppression to flourish, the examples of which we present in these cases.

“We the People” will never be truly free until both the corporate and individual income taxes are eliminated and the 16th Amendment to the Constitution is repealed.  My case, and the others, clear the way for those events to happen.

Should we prevail, it will mean the end of the suffering experienced by millions of so-called “non-filers” at the hands of the IRS.  It will also mean the door is open for millions of Americans to participate, without fear of harm, in the coming “21st Century American Revolution“, which is a good, old-fashioned tax revolt.

We are the rightful masters of ALL levels of government, and we can put this out-of-control Federal government back into its Constitutional box by simply defunding it and, in the process, creating a smaller, more efficient government built on the solid, everlasting foundation of the Constitution, sound accounting principles, and economic law.

Please continue to educate yourselves about the fraud being committed every day by the IRS, Department of Justice, and the Courts in the enforcement of the income tax, and spread this website to all of your social media outlets.

Do it so you, your family, and future generations of Americans can begin to live at the level of liberty and prosperity the Founding Fathers intended.

Thank you.

In liberty,

Bob McNeil
2018 U.S. Senate Candidate from Texas
21st Century American Revolutionary
Founder/President – American Citizen Party


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Victor Alcazar

Hello Bob,
I read recently your story about beating the IRS for your filings 2002 to 2007. That was awesome!
I think you should explore going to gofundme.com and open an “account” so that people can make donations to your cause, and more easily. Check it out!
Best regards,

September 22nd, 2017 at 3:00 pm

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